For over a decade Hurricane Steel has developed a wide range of steel framing products and building materials to meet a variety of applications. Our constant endeavor to improve our products has provided us with the knowledge and experience to manufacture the best quality.
  • Hurricane Steel offers a wide variety of Galvanized Steel pipes which come in various types, sizes and lengths. Hurricane Steel’s galvanized pipes are used for underground piping, over ground-piping systems, industrial purposes and various construction purposes. Galvanized Steel tube/Galvanized iron pipe Hurricane Steel offers a great variety of galvanized Steel tubes/pipes. They come in various sizes and lengths. Galvanized Square Pipe Hurricane Steel offers a wide variety of square pipes. These Square pipes come in various sizes and lengths. Galvanized rectangular pipe A rectangular pipe is defined by height, length, width, radius and welding gap. Rectangular  pipes and fittings are made available in various sizes as per requirement.

  • Studs Hurricane Steel produces metal Studs, Tracks, U-, C-, Z- channels and furring channel. All profiles can be custom made for the different needs of our customers. A metal Stud includes wall Studs, Joists and rafters which are all of the same shape. Studs are much thinner in cross sectional and lighter than the traditional structural elements. Being thinner and lighter, stick construction techniques are easier and speedier and much safer (They serve as an automatic fire stop inside walls, and so are deemed much safer by fire safety officials) than the older methods.

  • U-Channel U- Channels are used for bridging and blocking and are customized for cabinet backing. C-Channel C-Channels are U shaped Channels or Studs with inward flanges used for bridging and blocking and are used for cabinet backing Z-Channel Z shaped Channel used as framing, Supports, reinforcements, slides, tracks and many other purposes. Furring Channel Hat shaped channels which are fastened to the joists, studs, wall or ceiling of a building do that the finish surface may be leveled. Tracks Tracks are light gauge U-shaped metal members which are attached along floors , ceilings and walls as a brace for metal studs. Angles, Angle Iron and V-shapes Metal Angles and V-shapes are the most basic form of roll Formed profiles.

  • Hurricane Steel also produces sandwich roof – and wall panels for any application. Sandwich panels are incredible useful and are used to form strong and rigid structures. Sandwich panels generally consist of two outer metal sheets with a stabilizing core of Expanded Polystyrene Insulation (EPS) sandwiched in-between.

  • EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Insulation) cement wall panels are light weight, energy saving compound panels made out of cement for the outside layers and lightweight aggregate concrete(mixture of cement and EPS) in between. EPS cement wall panels are used to replace traditional construction material like cement bricks. These panels are prefabricated and are used for both exterior and interior walls.

  • Hurricane Steel offers Light Gauge Steel Framings for virtually any structure. Backed by modern technology and expertise Hurricane Steel offers fully-panelized framings, from plans through fabrication straight to the Job sites. Whether you are interested in roof trusses, wall panels or fully-panelized structures Hurricane Steel provides it all, customized for every need.

  • Hurricane Steel has been developing custom steel door & gate assemblies. Our doors and gates provide innovative protection for your property. We offer a range of models across all of our product lines. If we do not offer something you are looking for, we build it to your specifications. Hurricane steel offers a door or gate for any application.

    We also specialize in developing quality custom steel doors -and grill assemblies for any application. Our doors and grills provide innovative protection for any property or structure. We offer a wide range of models across all of our product lines.

  • Hurricane Steel Modern Building Materials offers a wide variety of building materials. Feel free to contacts us for further information.

    • Various Kasner Walls
    • Ceilings
    • Various WPC materials
    • Wall & Floor Elements
    • Plasterboard/Drywall and Cement board
    • Isolation Material
    • Joint compound
    • Electrical Gate openers
    • Various Sanitary products